Afterhours Concert: Song Project No. 2

Monday, 5. September 2011
Concert No. 8, at 22:00
Rotovž Cellar

Marino Formenti - piano

Music of John Adams, George Antheil, Brian Eno, Kurt Weill, Conlon Nancarrow, Thelonious Monk, Harrison Birtwistle, Billie Holiday, Erik Satie, Nirvana, Björk, Bernhard Lang and more

This is a first-come, first-served partially seated event. Seating is limited and not guaranteed; please arrive early.

Internationally praised for his groundbreaking programs, including Kurtag’s Ghosts, Nothing is Real and The Liszt Inspections, Formenti brings together music from all genres and ages, focusing on the dialogue between works old and new.

In this  SONG PROJECT NO. 2 (ECLECTIC NITE) , Formenti pays his own tribute to the music of BILLIE HOLIDAY, THELONIOUS MONK, BRIANO ENO and NIRVANA putting them in dialogue with composers including KURT WEILL, CONLON NANCARROW and JOHN ADAMS.

THE ECLECTIC NITE offers a 20th Century musical family portrait of sorts, with mutual influences and legitimate and illegitimate ties thrown into broad relief.

“What James Joyce did for the novel, Formenti seems intent on doing for the piano recital. The results were unforgettable…He is a unique artist, whose presentations should not be missed.” Joshua Kosman  for THE SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE

“Formenti is clearly a rare sort of pianist…surely the most original and brilliantly solo recital any of us are likely to see this year.” - Ivan Hewett for THE TELEGRAPH

“Marino Formenti, the Italian keyboard phenom, was on hand as pianist and conductor, and he was entirely in his element. That Formenti makes everything he touches, whether new music or old, seem astonishing is well known in Los Angeles, and the hall was full.” – Mark Swed for THE LOS ANGELES TIMES