Lessons for Immortality

Sunday, 4. September 2011
Concert No. 6, Union Hall at 19:30

Festival Maribor Orchestra
Richard Tognetti – conductor

Dejan Lazić – piano
Matej Šarc - oboa
Milena Lipovšek - flavta
Boštjan Lipovšek - rog
Paolo Calligaris - fagot

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Piano Concerto Nr. 12 in A Major, Op. 4, K 414 (1782)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Sinfonia concertante in E flat Major, K 297b (1778)
Benjamin Britten: Variations on a Theme of Frank Bridge, Op. 10 (1937)
Igor Stravinsky: Apollo: Apotheosis (1947)

The English composer Frank Bridge only needed to spend a few minutes with Britten, then 13 years old, to realize his exceptional talent. He offered to become his teacher, although as a rule he did not take any pupils. ”He taught me to take as much effort as I possibly could into every passage, into every progression, into every line,” Britten recalled later. Often, he left his teacher's house beaten down: "I, who thought I was already on the verge of immortality, saw my illusions shattered." It seems that Bridge taught the prolific composer the hardest lesson of all: that talent is nothing without discipline. Mozart had to learn that same lesson even earlier in his childhood. Although today we very much like to believe he was pulling his compositions and performances out of his hat, the truth is quite different. From the age of three his days were spent with at least three hours of practise. A genius? Yes, but a hard working one!