Morning Reflections 2: Virtuoso Humour

Sunday, 4. September 2011
Concert No. 5, Ptuj Castle, Festive Hall at 11:00


Marino Formenti - piano
Boštjan Lipovšek - horn
Janez Podlesek - violin
Irina Kevorkova - violin
Diemut Poppen - viola
Alexandre Razera - viola
Monika Leskovar - violoncello


"FRAGMENTS" Music by W.A. Mozart and G. Kurtàg:
- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Menuett in D K Anh. 34 (385hII; K 576a)
- György Kurtág: Hommage à Deszö Rànki (Walzer) from Jàtekòk 
- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Fantasie in f K Anh. 32 (K6: 383C)
- György Kurtág: All'ongherese
- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Adagio in h K deest
- György Kurtág: Marina Tsvetayeva: It's Time
- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Molto Allegro in G K 72a
- György Kurtág: Do-Mi D'arab
- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Fantasie in d K 397 (385g)
- György Kurtág: In memoriam András Mihály

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Quintet for horn, violin, two violas and cello in E flat Major, K 407 (1782)
Leone Sinigaglia: Romance for horn and string quartet, Op. 3
Johannes Brahms: Trio for piano, clarinet (or viola) and violoncello in A Minor, Op. 114, (1891)

Of all Mozart’s works written for horn, the quintet is the most difficult. It was written for Ignaz Leutgeb, Mozart’s life-long friend and Salzburg compatriot, whom the composer greatly admired, but also loved to tease. So, besides absolute virtuosity from the horn player the score, which Mozart gave to his friend, also required understanding (and tolerating) his quirky sense of humour. Remarks such as “Go for it, Signor Asino!“ or even “Wretched pig” decorated the pages, so when he got to the final one reading: “Thank God, here’s the end”, this is probably just what the poor man must have thought himself! Nevertheless, the music is Mozart at his delightful best, a perfect blend of melody and balance, humour and beauty.