Raw Beauty

Friday, 2. September 2011
Concert No. 2, Union Hall at 19:30

Festival Maribor Orchestra
Marko Letonja – conductor

Richard Tognetti - violin

Peter Sculthorpe: Earth Cry (1986)
György Ligeti: Violin Concerto (1992)
Béla Bartók: Concert for Orchestra (1943)

When describing the sound of the orchestra, actually an ensemble of soloists for his Violin Concerto, Ligeti used the word dirty! The ensemble among others includes a re-tuned violin (slightly higher), a re-tuned viola (slightly lower) as well as ocarinas, side-whistles, marimbaphones, vibraphones, and even tam-tams. This kind of setting definitely is different! Raw and daring, vibrant and melancholic at the same time, and crowned with a breath-taking and demanding solo-violin score. It all speaks for a thrilling musical encounter and with Richard Tognetti as soloist and Marko Letonja conducting – what more could one possibly ask for?