Saturday, 10. September 2011
Concert No. 16, Union Hall at 19:30

Festival Maribor Orchestra
Richard Tognetti – conductor, violin

The Croatian Radio Television Choir
Tonči Bilić - conductor

Marija Skender - piano
Tomaž Sevšek - harpsichord
Dragan Dautovski - ocarina

Sound design - Danilo Ženko
Light design - Darijan Jaušnik
Video - Allcomb d.o.o.
Video artist - Louis Thorn

Concert bill


Aboriginal music, ecclesiastic Gregorian chant, Bach, Beethoven, Satie and Cage. As well as the Beatles, Nirvana, Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga! Gregorian chant and Lady Gaga?

Has the Festival Maribor gone gaga here?

At first glance it may seem so, but music is not (or at least it shouldn’t be) about first glances. It is about three things, basically: rhythm, melody and bass line. Four things, if you add words. It was like this 40,000 years ago, and it is still like that today. It all developed from a single line, then, gradually the more complex structures took over, but the four elements remained. So, if you wanted to describe Lady Gaga to a deaf person, you would have to start with those four things. And if you wanted to explain the Gregorian chant – well, again, the same four things apply.

MUSIC. Throughout time, throughout the Timeline…