Echoes of Centuries

Wednesday, 7. September 2011
Concert no. 10, Old Theatre Hall at 19:30

Festival Maribor String Orchestra

Vasko Atanasovski – saxophone

Dragan Dautovski Quartet
Dragan Dautovski - tambura, bas, kaval, bagpipes, ocarina
Aleksandra Popovska – vocal
Bajsa Arifovska - kaval, tambura, bagpipes
Marjan Jankoski - kaval, bagpipes
Ratko Dautovski - tapan

Sound design - Danilo Ženko

Dragan Dautovski Quartet ad lib.
Vasko Atanasovski: Triwoledy - New piece for strings and saxophone solo commissioned by the Maribor Festival

Macedonian music boasts rich history of tradition, reaching as far as the Byzantine Empire, when the first orthodox monks used liturgical music to help spreading their religion. Centuries of variety of cultures and nations ruling over the region (most prominent the Turks, who dominated the Balkans for more than 500 years) contributed their musical styles and traditions, resulting in a unique blend of east and west, a rich fusion of eastern sounds and western harmonies, spiced with breathtakingly complex rhythms.

The latest novelty by Vasko Atanasovski bears the name 'Triwoledy' and was written especially for Festival Maribor. The work for chamber orchestra and soprano saxophone, which will to honour the premiere be played by Vasko Atanasovski himself, is made up in the typical style of this wonderful composer. It is full of expressionistic melodies, contrast rhythms and trans-genre intertwinements. The composition travels through romantic, mystical, wild as well as fiery moods, while the space for the soloist remains open to improvisation, which adorns the piece with a remarkable freshness.