Vasko Atanasovski - Composer, saxophone & flute player
Saxophonist and flutist Vasko Atanasovski is one of the most creative and versatile Slovenian composers and musicians, well known for his cross-genre collaborations with world famous jazz, rock, classical, traditional musicians and his masterful approach to all styles of music. Up to this date he has released 10 highly acclaimed albums, received numerous awards as well as earned audience and critics’ compliments for his performances and compositions home and abroad. He is a regular guest on the European festival and concert circuit and has also performed in India, China and New York. His original compositions have also found a way into the world of theatre, dance and puppet shows, repertoires of eminent soloists, orchestras, ensembles and choirs.

Selected music collaborations
Marc Ribot (USA), Michel Godard (F), Living Colour (USA), Simone Zanchini (Ita), Greg Cohen (USA), Tamara Obrovac (Cro), Roberto Bartoli (Ita), Zoltan Lantos (H), Bratko Bibič, Xu Fengxia (China), Wilbert de Joode (HOL), Krunoslav Levačić (Cro), Ewald Oberleitner (A), Karmina Šilec & Carmina Slovenica, Zlatko Kaučič, Žiga Golob (SLO), Dragan Dautovski (Mk), Damir Imamović (BIH)... And with choreographers and directors: Vito Taufer, Brane Potocan, Jernej Lorenci, Mojca Horvat, Jasna Knez, Matevz Gregoric, Miha Golob, Peter Bostjancic...

Selected concerts & festivals
Townhall (New York, NY), 'SallyCan't Dance Festival' (Beijing, China), European Week of Culture in India (New Delhi, Bombay...), Alpentoene (CH), Xong festival (A, I, CH), Cankarjev dom (SLO), Druga godba (SLO), Glasbeni September (SLO), Porgy&Bess Vienna, Jazz & Wine festival (I), Skopsko leto (MK), Rasa (HOL), Henry le Boeuf Hall - Balkantraffik (B), Euro Jazz Festival (Athens), RingRing (YU), Mediawave (H), NoJazz Fest (CRO), Linzfest (A), Crossroads (I), MIDEM (Cannes, F)...

Selected discography
- “Vasko Atanasovski Visions Ensemble – Bohemia” published by the author 2009, 2xCD,
- “Mljask - Live at the Old Power Station” Celinka 2008, Ljubljana,
- “Atanasovski Golob Levacic Trio – Attic dance” JBR 2007, Ljubljana, Slovenia,
- “Vasko Atanasovski Adrabesa Quartet – Altdorf LIVE” published by the author 2005,
- “Vasko Atanasovski Adrabesa Ensemble - Tanatos Eros” Goga 2005, Novo mesto, Slovenia,
- “Vasko Atanasovski Adrabesa Ensemble - Eros Tanatos EP 2004” published by the author 2004,
- “Vasko Atanasovski – Suite de passion / Suita pasijonska” Goga 2003, Novo mesto, Slovenia,
- “Vasko Atanasovski Quartet – Heat Flower / Vročinska roža” October 2002 Extraplatte Musikproduktions Vienna, Austria,
- “Vasko Atanasovski SOLO - Akupunktura” published by the author 2001.

"Masterful blending of folk motifs with creative original music, lively, roguish tunes with tranquil, heartbreaking laments. I licked all my fingers!"
Dušan Jesih, Radio Slovenia

“As we can hear from the enormous response of Swiss festival audience, the band enraptures not only with exotic rhythms and general cheerfulness, but also with virtuosity that gives known phrases totally different extensions.
If we so far knew author as a great saxophonist on crossing of jazz and ethno music, now we will appreciate more also his contemplative side in which he is approaching to aesthetics of European jazz as mostly cherished in Northern countries and also a serious composer of minimalistic miniatures.”
Jure Potokar – Delo

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