Vasko Atanasovski – saxophone, flute, vocals
Dejan Lapanja
– el. guitar
Marjan Stanič
– drums, percussion instruments

This time the accredited and versatile composer and musician Vasko Atanasovski will present his passionate music in a trio. He is well known for his numerous successful jazz albums, his theatre, orchestra and choir projects, as well as interpretations of Renaissance music. The ensemble also includes a virtuoso drummer and percussionist Marjan Stanič and academically trained guitarist Dejan Lapajna. The "VASKO ATANASOVSKI TRIO" repertoire includes compositions from various Vasko Atanasovski albums, as well as recent compositions and songs. Vasko also sings his own songs, since he is not only an extraordinary saxophonist, but also one of the best Slovenian musicians, full of virtuosic and creative expressions, and has now become also one of the best known Slovenian wind instrument players.

All three virtuoso instrumentalists move skilfully between different musical styles, such as klezmer, gypsy swing and polka chochek. The Trio’s music makes us more beautiful with infectious cheerfulness and jovial inspiration! Come, see and be convinced!