Dragan Dautovski - tambura, bas, kaval, bagpipes, ocarina
Aleksandra Popovska – vocal
Bajsa Arifovska - kaval, tambura, bagpipes
Marjan Jankoski - kaval, bagpipes
Ratko Dautovski - tapan

The Dragan Dautovski Quartet was created in July, 2000 in Skopje, Macedonia. It was formed by Dragan Dautovski and the vocalist is Aleksandra Popovska, with Ratko Dautovski on drums and Bajsa Arifovska on folk instruments. This band’s basic inspiration is Macedonian music folklore. 

From the depths of folklore, through the various contemporary music aesthetic elements and styles - their goal is to create a synthesis of the traditional and modern. The authenticity is captured by traditional music instruments (kaval-eng: pipe, tambura-eng: mandoline). By now they have released a CD single and two albums: Roots and blossoms (2000), Path of the sun (2001) and Razboj (2008).


Echoes of Centuries